Up to 35% of Native American children live in poverty, many of them raised by grandparents on limited fixed incomes, and families cannot always afford special holiday gifts or extras.

Immediate Relief


Partnership With Native Americans' (PWNA) Holiday services help our reservation partners spread holiday cheer, impact and participation at times when many families are experiencing more stress and disenfranchisement.

Our stockings are filled with practical items to meet immediate needs. In addition, children and families receive incentives and prizes when they come together to participate in spring, Easter and other community gatherings. These types of holiday events also help partners and local volunteers develop skills for future event planning and community service.

PWNA provides gift bags or stockings for children and Elders during the holiday season.

PWNA addresses partner concerns about the impact of the holiday season on their communities by providing:
  • Gift bags for every Elder their program serves
  • Holiday stockings for every child their school or program serves
  • Personal care items for every teen their program serves
  • Incentives for youth at spring break/Easter holiday events
  • Thanksgiving and Christmas meals are also provided as a holiday food service

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