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SWIRC Gift Catalog

Give a gift that lasts all year

Give a gift of love to a child or Elder living on impoverished remote Native American reservations by choosing any product or service you like from below. So often, these vulnerable citizens are faced with a lack of hope for the future and now you can choose the perfect gift to brighten their lives through the year.

Once you've made your purchase, you'll be given the option of sending an Honor eCard to loved ones to let them know a gift has been made in their honor, if you like.

Gift products are presented for donation purposes only and are not available for individual sale. We apologize but only one honorary eCard is permitted per transaction. If you have more than one person to honor, please make separate donations.

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Click here for more information about Care for a Child

Care for a Child
Covering basic needs is an easy way to show a Native American child how much you care. For only $35, you can provide immunizations for a child, buy a bed for a family without one, make available shoes for a child, supply diapers for a month for a newborn, or give an after school snack for all children at a Boys and Girls Club. This is a gift that keeps giving all year.


Click here for more information about Cheer a Child with a Christmas Stocking

Cheer a Child with a Christmas Stocking
Our Christmas stockings are sure to bring a smile to a child's face. We deliver thousands of stockings filled with items like gloves, band-aids, toys, art supplies, treats and candy.* We know that this stocking may be the only gift a child receives, so we take special care in selecting items they will like. (* items may vary)


Click here for more information about Encourage a Sewing Circle

Encourage a Sewing Circle
June James, pictured here, is blind and works on some extraordinary quilts. You can encourage 3 other quilters like June by giving only $30, which helps with supplies such as fabric, thread, needles, and other supplies. Sewing gives these Elders a way to keep busy, gather together, and to give back to their communities. Many of the quilts sewn by the Elders are distributed to other needy communities. Quilting is traditional among Native American Elders and a helpful way to make a difference.


Click here for more information about Keep an Elder Warm with Firewood

Keep an Elder Warm with Firewood
Many of the people we serve in the Southwest use wood as their source of heat in the winter - and even some summer nights. Others may use it for cooking, which is a year-round need. It is difficult for Elders to haul their own wood or to afford to purchase it from a vendor. We hire local people to chop wood and deliver to Elders. Each Elder receives a cord of wood delivered to their home.


Click here for more information about Provide Contact with a Food Box

Provide Contact with a Food Box
You can take part in SWIRC's commitment to reaching isolated Elders, which provides additional opportunities for human contact. For only $25, you can help provide food boxes for about an Elder living in remote, struggling communities. Community volunteers first assist our staff in assembling boxes of food supplies, encouraging active community involvement. Then, the assembled boxes are distributed to Elders who come into the ENC or Senior Center to eat their hot lunches, or they are delivered to the Elders who are homebound and receive daily meal deliveries. Boxes contain a supply of non-perishable food including rice, beans, pasta, canned fruit, canned vegetables, soup, peanut butter, cereal, dry milk and other like items.* Each box is intended to have 40 servings of food, supplementing their often meager meals. (* Items may vary.)


Click here for more information about Share a Strong Beginning

Share a Strong Beginning
With a basket filled with basic items, an infant gets a good start on life. We distribute hundreds of baby care baskets to new mothers. The items are stored in a baby bathtub and include shampoo, baby wash, diaper cream, diapers, wipes, two sleepers, one handmade blanket, bottles and a toy. Mothers are relieved to receive these items when their baby arrives, since many of them are difficult to acquire or afford on reservations.


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