Success Stories

They need homes — as many wonderful, loving homes for them as possible!

With assistance from our supporters and Program Partners, the Reservation Animal Rescue program provides food, blankets, toys and treats for both dogs and cats, helps fund mobile spay and neuter clinics, cares for stray and orphaned animals, and places them in foster care. The importance of getting them healthy cannot be over-emphasized. They need homes — as many wonderful, loving homes for them as possible!

Here are only a few success stories from over the years ...

photo of Maggie

Maggie the cat is living the good life as a “furry flower goddess” — a success story thanks to our Program Partner, Oglala Pet Project (OPP) on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Read More

photo of Boo

Remember Boo? This beautiful black kitten was strapped to a firework as part of a cruel 4th of July prank in 2018 and suffered some pretty severe injuries. Read More

Photo of Grace and Blanca

With support from Reservation Animal Rescue (RAR), program partners like Lance in Whiteriver, Arizona help rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home abandoned and injured dogs and cats.Read More

Photo of Melissa and Daughter

Melissa’s family on the Cheyenne River Reservation adopted two cats from PWNA’s Reservation Animal Rescue (RAR) Partner, the Wakpá Wasté Animal Shelter. The cats love their new home, and Melissa says her family gets health benefits from the animals.Read More

Photo of Benny and mom, Kelly.

Benny, the cat, could be the most beloved pet in Rapid City, South Dakota. Just ask his proud owner, Kelly. Oglala Pet Project rescued Benny from a dump, and Kelly adopted him at only 9 weeks old. Today, he has become an icon at Kelly’s business, where customers shower him with gifts and love. Read More

Photo of Reese the Peaches and Bonnie

Bonnie fostered her dog Peaches who was found starving in Piñon, Arizona in December 2021 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now 1 year and 9 months old, Peaches is healthy and the happy heart of Bonnie’s family. Read More

Photo of Nate

Resources to rescue stray and injured animals are one of the many inequities faced by Native Americans today. While 420,000 cats can theoretically come from one female cat and her offspring, regulation, and awareness of overpopulation in tribal communities is crucial to animal and community health. Read More

Photo of Reese the puppy

Remember Arnold? As you may recall, Arnold was found by a volunteer and brought to Dr. Holgate. He was very emaciated but at the same time, his abdomen was distended and oddly out of proportion.Read More

Photo of Grace the dog

Grace had a large mass on her stomach that was growing larger every day and was lovingly relinquished by her family so that she could get proper medical care.Read More

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