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Get in Line for Phil

Warning: This story contains some images that some may view as graphic.

Reservation Animal Rescue’s (RAR) partners, like Nola and Chuck from 12 Hills Dog Rescue, witness a lot of hurt and pain when they take in injured and sick animals. They have seen some cases that would take your breath away.

Most recently, Nola updated us on this little sweetheart:

“ This is the little guy that came to us on July 2nd. A couple and their son brought him around 8:30 p.m. They said he came into their yard and was afraid he might be contagious. Chuck and I cleaned his face and gave him a dose of antibiotics. He was able to eat and drink a little and his tail would wag just a little.”

We realize that the image of Phil is disheartening, having to think of what this young pup endured. We are hoping to find someone who would see past his injuries and get him to the right place.

A photo of Phil before his treatment This 6-week old puppy had a severe bacterial infection caused by neglect.

Nola posted some of the photos on their Facebook page and provided some details on July 7th:

“At first glance all we could see was yuck and my first thought was distemper. We washed his face and treated him with antibiotics and placed him in a quarantine kennel for the evening. The next morning Brenda took him to the Animal Clinic where the vet examined him and told her that this 6-week old puppy had a severe bacterial infection caused by neglect. Not only was his face infected, but his feet were also swollen and full of infection. The options were to euthanize or begin the long and costly road of treatment. So Brenda began the process of special baths and medication. The first 24 hours we were unsure if he would pull through, but his little tail would wag and that signaled hope. He still has a long road ahead with medication and more vet visits. We aren’t sure if his vision will be normal, but it seems he is getting better every day.”

Nola was sure to acknowledge the ‘first responders’ and veterinarian in her post: “So where is the good news in all this? Three kind people took time and effort to bring him to us. We are thankful for the vet, who on a busy holiday weekend and Saturday morning, was there to help. So, with all the negative happenings in this world, a little kindness and caring do make a difference!!! WE NAMED HIM PHIL!”

A photo of Phil and his wound progress. Phil's wounds are healing and looking better every day.

On July 14th an update was posted with new photos showing his recovery:

“EVERYONE COULD USE SOME GOOD NEWS. Here is ours for this week. Phil is progressing and most of the ugly stuff on his face has come off. Just has a couple of sore spots yet. Brenda says he is such a good little boy. He only has to have his special bath once a week and Phil is tickled about that. He is fighting bath time now so maybe that tells us he is stronger. THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR PRAYERS AND DONATIONS. He will be going back to the Vet in another week. Here is the latest photo taken on Monday.”

A recent photo of Phil after his hair began growing back Phil's hair has begun growing back and he is looking like one healthy pup!

The most recent update came on the 21st:

“The last scab is off and healing. He is biting at Brenda’s feet and his hair is beginning to grow back on his muzzle”— both great signs of a healthy puppy. Brenda is concerned he may have lost vision in at least one eye… but Phil is getting better every day. He will be seeing the vet for his checkup this week. I already have several people who are asking for him. It will be a hard decision with so many nice people who care, but Phil has a lineup of people waiting. We are hoping the vet gives a good report and it (the infection) doesn’t reoccur. His nickname is Willie Phil and he is "One Special Puppy!"

Thank you for your support of RAR, homeless animals like Phil, and program partners like Nola at 12 Hills Dog Rescue especially during these trying times.

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