Workplace Giving

Today consumers and employees want to see their favorite brands supporting racial and social equity. So, a single donation from you can have a domino effect — it can garner a matching donation from your employer or be the spark that opens the door to a Native American workplace giving campaign.

When employees and employers join forces to support Native causes, it is often because of shared values such as diversity and social justice. These same values drive PWNA’s work for the Native Americans living on remote reservations, but less than 1% of U.S. charitable giving goes to Native causes. Your contributions through the workplace can ensure PWNA is a lifeline to create immediate impact through projects such as these:

Will Your Employer Match Your Gift?

To boost the impact of your donation, find out if your employer has a matching gift program and if so, send them proof of your donation.

If you’re a federal employee, you can also pledge to our American Indian Education Fund program through the Combined Federal Campaign — our CFC code is 54766.

For questions about grants or volume giving, please email Jasey Jones or call toll-free at (214) 217-2600 Ext. 109.

Impact of Giving


Delta Dental of South Dakota had given the chance for each of their employees to donate to their charity of their choice in the amount of $1,000.00. This donor had recently lost her father, who had been a longtime donor of our Northern Plains Reservation Aid (NPRA) program. She opted to make that generous donation, which helped with services like Food and Water.


Bailey grew up on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation in Montana. A fourth-generation rancher, she received an AIEF scholarship while pursuing a master’s degree in public health. Bailey says, “When donors like you choose to fund Native American students, you are making a deliberate choice to feed the passion of someone who may have never had the financial support to achieve their dream, especially for students in Indian Country. So, Neashe (thank you).