Only 17% of Native American students start college and only 13% complete college.

Long-Term Solutions

Higher Education

Education is a key to the many challenges facing Indian Country, and PWNA supports education from Headstart and K-12 to college and career. Annually, PWNA reviews about 1,000 scholarship applications, focusing on applicants who are most often in the middle range of the academic ranking but who have serious drive and a demonstrated ability to overcome obstacles.

Many Native students believe college is not an option for them and, contrary to public perception, college is not free for Native Americans. PWNA’s Higher Education Services increase college access and retention for Native American students.

Our Higher Education services assist Native American students by:
  • Awarding scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students, paid directly to the college they will attend
  • Providing through college partners laptops or grants for pre-requisite tools that students need but often cannot afford
  • Granting emergency funds to universities, tribal colleges, and other schools committed to American Indian education, retention and funding for Native American students

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