When family, community and corporate foundations invest in PWNA, it is often because their priorities to advance inclusion, social justice, and equity align with our organizational priorities in the areas of food sovereignty, youth and elder services, disaster relief and education. Varied and robust funding streams enable PWNA to be a stronger and more resilient organization, helping to support long-term community services that are project specific, including but not limited to:

As a tremendously important resource to PWNA, we continually seek areas for expansion to support our mission. If your foundation or organization is concerned with basic humanitarian relief efforts, or long-term, high-impact projects in underserved communities, we hope you will remember Partnership With Native Americans and the communities we serve.

For questions about grants or volume giving, please email Megan Ayscue or call toll-free at 214-217-2600 ext. 133.

Accolades from Funders


“GM is focused on increasing diversity, equity and inclusion in underrepresented communities through strategic, generational impacting initiatives focused in the areas of policy, health, education and economic empowerment. Our support to PWNA will enable professional development opportunities while helping to break through barriers to education and economic success, which creates more equitable living and working conditions.”
       — Reginald Humphrey, Director of DEI Partnerships at GM


“Advancing economic opportunity and racial equality is a key priority at Bank of America. The most recent reflection of this commitment comes in the direction of a significant gift to PWNA to provide 47,000 pounds of fresh produce to families across the Navajo, San Carlos, Pine Ridge and Cheyenne River reservations. We see a great deal of alignment between the bank’s priorities and the services provided by PWNA, and it is a pleasure to support its efforts to address one of the most basic aspects of preventative healthcare — access to healthy foods.”
       — Jennifer Chandler, President, Bank of America Dallas